MSHA’s respirable coal mine dust rule is in effect!

Don’t just meet the Standard, BEAT IT!

The benefits of an enclosed cab, ‘cab air quality system’ offers operator health protection, HVAC uptime, odor reduction and significant cost savings.

The NIOSH report “Maximizing Air Quality Inside Enclosed Cabs with Uni-Directional Filtration and Pressurization System” reveals how a successful cab air quality systems provides a workable solution to known air quality issues in enclosed cabs.

Enclosed Cab Air Quality – Provides a Healthy Operator

A Powered Precleaner/Filter/Pressurizer changes everything.

Why you need a RESPA Clean Air System

Keeping the Operator Cab comfortable and healthy for the operator is the focus. Incorporating the cab air quality system directly into the cab HVAC system gives the highest levels of air quality, HVAC service life and unparalleled operator satisfaction.

Industry leaders are constantly looking for ways to improve working conditions, save money and cut down on consumables. Sy-Klone’s patented Air Quality products are economical and cost effective at providing clean air to your HVAC system. Reduce operator exposure to harmful particulate, dramatically extend filter life, lengthen the life of your HVAC system and cab electronics with our powerful and unique products. Sy-Klone’s Cab Air Quality products have been proven in Mining, Waste, Forestry and Agriculture industries. The low cost of operating the latest in ‘cab air quality systems’ coupled with a sharp reduction in HVAC repairs and savings due to increased machine uptime all combine to make upgrading the cab environment a tremendous value.