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ASFE Fleet Solutions provides services nationwide. We help protect against preventable cost associated with damages caused by
fire & air quality. Our trained technicians, along with our American made products, can reduce exposure & cost.

Fire Suppression

Off road heavy equipment operates in rugged environments. Normal working conditions present real challenges for your fire suppression system. The time to find out your system doesn’t work is not when you need it. Cost associated with fire are not just monetary, your employees safety is also a great concern. You need a fire suppression system that is built with you in mind and a service company that understands your industry.

Air Quality

Keeping the Operator Cab comfortable and healthy for the operator is the focus. Incorporating the Sy-Klone RESPA air quality system directly into the Cab HVAC system gives the highest quality, increasing HVAC service life and delivering unparalleled operator satisfaction. A satisfied operator is a productive operator.

ASFE's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reponse Plan

All of us at ASFE Fleet Solutions want you to know that we are taking the COVID-19 outbreak in our nation very seriously and keeping a close eye on every recommendation that comes out from the CDC and the World Health Organization. We are going to continue to serve our clients to the best of our ability for as long as possible, however certain changes are a MUST to keep our clients, our technicians, and everyone’s families safe and healthy. Therefore, we will not be accepting visitors at our office until after the end of April. We will reassess this date as needed. If you would like to make an appointment to see any of us, please call 972-412-0770.

On our customer’s job sites, our technicians are now required to respect the safe distance as recommended by the CDC and will not be shaking hands or having meals in restaurant dining rooms whenever possible. Along with frequent hand washing and keeping hand sanitizer available whenever possible when hand washing is not feasible, it is our hope to reduce exposure while still being able to keep your machines up a running with a safe and functioning fire suppression system. The health and safety of our team and yours is our number one priority.

Should you have any questions regarding our new policies and procedures, feel free to call our office at 972-412-0770.