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About ASFE Fleet Solutions

Ken and Yvonne Damon have been business partners for more than twenty years. Together they created ASFE Fleet Solutions nine years ago, with the goal of saving assets & lives. ASFE specializes in protecting your heavy mobile fleet & industrial on road vehicles from fire damage, air quality issues and lubrication challenges. As entrepreneurs who built the company from the ground up, the Damon’s have a mission to help fleet owners keep their assets, both human and heavy equipment, safe and being productive.


Their first business, Damon Fire Protection, was formed in 1991. For nine years they operated their business out of Garland, Texas serving local business. They sold Damon Fire Protection to Tyco in 2000 looking for more opportunity. They lived out the terms of the agreement then parted ways in 2005. All State Fire Equipment of Texas, Inc was formed with the vision of concentrating on the heavy fleet market. They started with what they were most familiar with, the fire suppression systems. They grew to include other after market products that were in line with their business model. They added auto lubrication in 2009 and have successfully developed a product that does the job. Sy-Klone and Red Dot have joined the team to make a well rounded product line. All with the goal of keeping the vehicle and operator safe.

Name Change

All State Fire Equipment of Texas, Inc. was the first name of the company. It fit what they did at the time. Since then the company has broadened the business model to provide solutions for more than just fire challenges. They now serve states as far north as Montana and as far south as Texas. The old name didn’t fit them or their mission any longer so ASFE Fleet Solutions was born.

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