Fire Suppression

Do you and your operators know how your equipment operates?

Understanding equipment limitations and proper maintenance will give you the tools you need to help keep your operators and machines safe.

We provide our clients with on going training, safety and fire system inspection training.
Take the time to attend a fire system inspection next time your service company is on site and ask questions. Locate every nozzle and hose so you know where to look during your pre-shift inspection.

The decision to install a fire suppression system on a piece of equipment is not just a safety requirement.

It’s a decision to prevent financial loss.

Are you and your team protected? Contact us today if you’d like to know more.

Fire Systems only work if installed and maintained properly. Every component aids to the proper operation of the system. Partnering with a knowledgeable service company will help make sure your system operates as design.

Protect your Assets

The time to find out the system doesn’t work is not when you need it

Our Service

ASFE services all brands of fire systems. We can keep your fleet fire suppression systems inspected and maintained to ensure your production doesn’t suffer. When your equipment is down for repairs it’s not making money. Most service calls are completed on the first visit. We make hoses on site and stock our trucks with parts for all the major brands.

Even though we can inspect and repair all brands of fire systems we feel that the AFEX brand is superior in design. Our customers enjoy a lower total cost of ownership with few parts to replace at inspection time and less nozzle exposure with the hinged style nozzle cap. AFEX is a world wide company that produces it’s product in the USA. Vehicle fire suppression is all they do and they do it well.

Ask us about our dual agent systems

Ask us about our new style control unit that support advanced visibility and connectivity

We are now partnered with Enforcer to be able to offer our customers the effective, affordable and easy to use Enforcer CAFS! Click the link below for more information!