Slow Leaking Ansul Cartridge

It is normally fairly easy to figure out what caused a system to discharge. We were stumped today. This is a first for us and I wanted to share it with you. Our customer called and said they had a system discharge but only one tank went off. We hear all kinds of things so we were not too alarmed. We got there and discovered that tank one through three was full and all the cartridges were intact. Tank four was completely empty and there was dry chemical in the lines. The cartridge to tank four was also intact. The remote cartridges were intact. Everything looked fine except that tank four was empty. As you know that is physically impossible. You cant have all the cartridges intact and tank one through three full and tank four empty. We checked another system to make sure there was no one switching out tanks but found no issues. We decided to start weighing all the cartridges and found cartridge one through three to be a little over pressurized. Cartridge four was one and a half oz light. We poured water on the safety seal and immediately found our problem. The leaking cartridge slowly pressurized the chemical tank causing it to discharge. We have never seen this before. We don’t see a lot manufacture defects from this company. This speaks to why it is so important to weigh your cartridges. You just never know. Please watch the video to see the leak.