Heavy Equipment Cab Clean Air

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December 5, 2016
Heavy Equipment Cab Air
December 5, 2016
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Heavy Equipment Cab Clean Air

The Relevance of Heavy Equipment Cab Clean Air for Heavy Equipment Companies and Operators
Heavy-duty equipment, that is mostly operated off-road, tends to accumulate dust over time. Cleaning these cab environments used to be a daunting task before the introduction of heavy equipment cab clean air systems. Today, these systems help keep cab environments free of dirt and harmful airborne particles.
This efficient system removes dirt from the cab air before it enters into the HVAC system or engine. It protects drivers and equipment handlers from the harmful health effects associated with working in dusty environments. In actual sense, before the invention of air cleaning systems, hazardous health effects were considered as part of the job.

The Relevance of These Technologies
Today, there are stringent labor laws and tough measures that protect the health of workers who handle heavy duty equipment. What’s more, these measures are strictly enforced by the government, insurance companies and labor unions.

Another reason behind the popularization of these cab air cleaners is the need to protect the heavy duty equipment. Airborne particulate leaves behind a devastatingly negative effect on the evaporator coils, heat exchangers, and electronic equipment. It reduces the lifespan of these systems and is uneconomical in the long run.

How They Work
Basically, these clean air systems use special inertial separators and filters to remove airborne particulate even before it enters the cabin. Some filters are specially fitted with a secondary filter that cleans the entire cabin air before it is recirculated. This reduces operator exposure and concentration of particulate in the cabin. Today, these systems have increased operator productivity, prevented negative health effects that are associated with heavy duty equipment, and reduced maintenance costs.

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