Heavy Equipment Cab Air

Heavy Equipment Cab Air
An increased interest in safety and environmental issues has led to many changes in health and safety features for heavy equipment operators. Respirable dust used to be considered just a hazard that went along with ground mining and quarry work until enclosed cab air quality systems made their debut. Now with the advanced technology and designs for heavy equipment cab clean air ASFE FLEET SOLUTIONS is able to offer an answer that will increase productivity and profitability and at the same time improve operator health and job satisfaction.

Enclosed cabs, that create a micro-environment for the operator, have been used on site for many decades helping to reduce the dust that miners breathe. But as filters clogged up and HVAC systems broke down, operators suffered even more due to the higher levels of respirable dust that collected inside the cabs. The micro-environment was now as bad as, or worse than, the open mining environment. This causes not only increased down time for the machines, but safety and health issues for operators. Overall it was a lose-lose situation until the advent of the unidirectional filtration and pressurization system developed in the early 2000.

This new design brings in clean filtered air at the roof of the cab and extracts air at the floor of the cab. The recirculated air design delivers the highest air quality possible to the operators, allowing them to work for longer periods of time without the need for an “air refresher break”. Studies of this breakthrough technology prove that there is a “10 fold reduction in respirable dust” (NISHA report).

The uni-directional design is easy to incorporate and should be considered for all heavy equipment cab clean air solutions. Owners and operators alike reap the benefits. Operator’s safety and health issues are a primary consideration. With this cab air quality system, operator respiratory issues are greatly decreased as well as loss of time due to fatigue and depression. The HVAC system in the cab operates more efficiently, breaks down less, and elevates the operators comfort level while reducing the industry cost. The owner not only benefits from happier employees but has reduced operating costs (less down time and repairs). Lose- lose has just changed to win- win. All things considered, upgrading to a uni-lateral enclosed cab air quality system is a tremendous value.

ASFE Fleet Solutions provides services nationwide and is committed to bringing only the best fleet solutions to our customers. Safety is our first priority for our employees and yours. We believe that improved heavy equipment cab clean air quality is essential to meeting safety standards in the heavy equipment work environment. We look forward to showing our customers how this uni-directional filtration and pressurization system will improve safety standards while continuously increasing profits and production. Contact us today to find out how to begin the necessary upgrades for your enclosed cab air quality system.

Heavy Equipment Cab Air
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