Awareness and prevention, matters! To Avoid operator error … Implement saftey protocol!

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December 5, 2016
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December 5, 2016
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Awareness and prevention, matters! To Avoid operator error … Implement saftey protocol!

Operator Error and Saftey Protocol
Over the years we’ve worked with a variety of companies to help percent losses. Safety first, is the way we operate. We’ve heard all kinds of stories and have witnessed a variety of situations.

An operator on a compactor working in the trash saw the dry chemical discharge from the system. He did not stop and investigate. He kept working. The fire that originally caused the system to discharge occurred again. This time the system was not charged to put it out.

An operator suspected his equipment was on fire. The equipment he was operating had a manual only system with no automatic detection. He got off the equipment to confirm his equipment was on fire. Once on the ground he made the right decision not to re-enter the equipment to manually operate the system, however, if he would have discharged the system while still in the cab he could have put the fire out.

Both losses were due to operator error.
The company that installs the system must understand the equipment and the environment the system has to operate. Failure to install nozzles and detection in the right place or put actuators where operators can access them can lead to the system not working properly.
However, the maintenance and routine service and inspections are very important. Depending on how often you have your systems inspected you have long periods of time in between when an experienced service technician can ensure the integrity of the system. Many things can happen to the equipment during the normal course of business. Routine preventive maintenance and washing the equipment can cause components to become out of place or missing. Integrate safety training into your existing program and educate your team.
Safety matters! When safety is the goal, everyone wins.

To prevent operator error … the right saftey protocol is necessary!