Auto Lubrication Solutions

Auto Lubrication Solutions from ASFE Fleet Solution
A vehicle has a large number of moving metal parts. These parts require lubrication to work properly. Lack of lubrication leads to faster wear and tear of metal parts. The purpose of using a lubricant is to reduce friction and improve performance. There are different types of auto lubrication solutions that you can use for your heavy-duty vehicle.

Engine Oil
It is the most important lubricant used in a vehicle. Engine oil is needed for all types of gasoline and diesel engines. The engine oil not only helps avoid metal friction; it also keeps high pressure gases locked inside the cylinders. It reduces friction of metal parts. Engine oil is helpful in transferring heat of interior engine parts to the outer shell of the engine. It absorbs byproducts released in the engine due to combustion, heat, and high speed movement of metal parts. That is why engine oil must be changed regularly.

This type of lubricant is used extensively to lubricate moving parts in a vehicle. Grease is also used to coat surfaces of metal parts. It helps prevent corrosion, friction, heating, and wear and tear. Greases can withstand very high temperature and provide long term auto lubrication solutions.

These lubricants are similar to grease and help prevent oxidation. These silicone lubricants can resist high level of heat. Compound lubricants are used as sealants as well.

Solid Lubricant
This type of lubricants is used as additives in brake pads and lining. It improves friction resistance and prevents wear and tear.

Some lubricants are available in paste forms. Such lubricants are used to protect high load parts.

Lubricants in this range are similar to paints. The product is a mix of solid lubricant, binder and solvent carrier. Once dry, it creates a lubricating film that prevents corrosion. Coatings are also used for anti-friction requirements.

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